Snowmobile to Vilmavaara 4H2020-01-07T15:53:45+00:00

Project Description

Snowmobile to Vilmavaara 4H

Snowmobile safari to Vilmavaara is a trip that offers great driving experience combined with the beautiful scenery of the wilderness of Lapland. The safari departs from Hotel Suomutunturi and drives through scenic landscapes to Vilmavaara fell top about 25 kilometres away. There is a wind- sheltered kota-building on the top where coffee will be prepared over a campfire. The participants have an opportunity to experience the picturesque fell landscapes of Lapland. The fell is also an excellent location for witnessing the Northern Lights, since there is no light pollution.

Adult (2 Persons/snowmobile) 3-11 Years Single driving
€150 €90 €170

Includes full safari gear, driving instructions and insurance. We provide hot coffee/tea or juice and snacks.