Snowmobile to Käsmä River 3H2020-01-07T15:55:01+00:00

Project Description

Snowmobile to Käsmä River 3H

Snowmobile Safari to Käsmäjoki hanging bridge takes participants to the midst of a snowy forest. Beautiful snowy trees and the hanging bridge in the forest offer a great escape from everyday life to the silence of nature. There is a modern kota-building in the area where our trained guide will cook coffee over a campfire in a traditional Finnish style. The participants will have time to independently explore a Finnish forest by walking in the surroundings of the kota. This safari departs from Hotel Suomutunturi.

Adult (2 Persons/snowmobile) 3-11 Years Single driving
€130 €80 €150

Includes full safari gear, driving instructions and insurance. We provide hot coffee/tea or juice and snacks.