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Project Description

Husky ”Greenland Dog” Safari

Furry, friendly huskies will whisk you away through a beautiful wintery forest. Here you can enjoy the speed, fresh air and stunning scenery. There is also an option to go hunting the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, with our furry friends. Get a chance to see the night scenery of Lapland, beautiful milky way and maybe even the amazing Aurora! What are you waiting for? Come and join us, the huskies are waiting!

At the husky farm you will get to know about the huskies’ life and habits. Next, you will learn how to control and drive the sled and then you will get to drive your team of huskies through the peaceful forest (2 persons/sled). After returning from the safari you can thank the dogs for their work and cuddle with them, memorizing the moment by taking plenty of photos. You will warm up with coffee, buns and sausages in a Lappish tent or ‘kota’. Duration is about 1h to 6h depending on the program selected.

Husky “Greenland Dog” Safari
(2 persons/sled)
Adult 3-11 Years Single driving
3km €85 €60 €110
5km €110 €80 €145
10km €160 €120 €190
Aurora hunting with Huskies €180 €150 €210

The husky rides and the tailored Aurora Hunting with Huskies programs include hot coffee/tea, or juice. We provide snacks as well.